April 23, 2024
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Who Is Liable In North Carolina For Driverless Truck Accidents?

With modern technology comes new ways to move items around. Trucks are mainly used to transport goods all around the country. They serve an important purpose and are utilized every day. However, due to their size, they do come with serious complications. The main one is the chance of being involved in a serious accident

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Massive Highway Accident 193-vehicle pileup on I-94, Michigan USA

Along with this year`s first significant snowfall, a lot of car crashes and accidents occured on the roads and highways in Michigan, United States, some of them having as a result, significant casualties and damages. It is also the case of the Interstate 94 highway which connects Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, where a chain reaction

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2013 Cadillac XTS unveils itself

Marketing is beautiful, it almost brainwashes the audience when done brilliantly to a point where they will want the product so bad they’d walk on hot coal to get it. Sometimes however, marketing works in a different way, as GM did with the 2013 Cadillac XTS. They didn’t exactly unveil it, but rather leak it

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Honda Accord Hybrid under the NHTSA magnifying glass

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just announced that they’re pulling out all the stops in a new investigation. The latest NHTSA investigation focuses on the Honda Accord Hybrid and a serious problem which may be related to unintended acceleration.

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Subaru issues a safety recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a recall for the 2010 model year Subaru Legacy sedans and Outback crossovers equipped with a continuously variable transmission. The recall affects a total of 29,443 vehicles that are spec’d up with the CVT in the States.

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Ford recall on 2010 models

Ford Motor Company have just announced that they will be recalling 33,256 units, all of which are 2010 model cars. The issue they will be coming in for is a problem with the seat recliner for the front seats.

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VIDEO: Please, Slow Down!

Here is the difference of a plus 5 km/h in case of an accident. The black vehicle travel by 60 km/h, while the gray with 65 km/h. Australian researchers shows us that only 5 km/h in addition may be the difference between a small dab and a more serious accident. Professor Ian Johnston from Monash

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