April 18, 2024
Land Rover Tuning

Arden AR8 City-Roader revealed

Slightly confusing, I know, if you think of it this way, the Arden AR8 City-Roader is a familiar shape yet a name that’s almost completely new. This is because even though it’s actually been revealed hours ago, the Arden AR8 City-Roader isn’t exactly a new car, it’s a tuning kit offered for the Range Rover

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O.CT unveil Audi TT-RS Roadster

Let’s step away from the 2011 Geneva Motor Show for a while, let’s take a look at something more sedate, more common. Even though it is an open top sports car, the Audi TT-RS is about as calm as the water in a glass.

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Land Rover

Land Rover Defender X-Tech launched in Belgium

Ok, so get this, Land Rover launched a military version of the Defender that’s called the X-Tech in a place that doesn’t really sound incredibly appropriate, Belgium. Even though Belgium is one of the most serene countries out there, the British company’s launch does make a bit of sense.

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New Jaguar XF Anniversary Edition for Australia

Since Jaguar is in the mist of celebrating 75 years of existence as a brand (the actual company was founded about 13 years earlier) and as a treat for Australians they are launching a special edition of the XF. The special edition Aussie XF wil be, rather obvious, powered by a V8 engine.

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Seat Ibiza SC Sport Limited

The German market is in for a treat from Seat as they have just announced the availability of a new special edition version of its three-door Ibiza SC (Sports Coupe). What makes this car special comes from an extra equipment package that adds value via numerous features.

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Opel Tuning

Irmscher Opel Astra i1600

Irmscher is a German tuning company that specializes in Opel products and their latest project focuses on the new Astra. The Irmscher Opel Astra i1600 differs from the original in the sense that it gets 200 horsepower and some cosmetic changes.

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Audi Tuning

Reifen Koch Audi RS6

Reifen Koch is another German tuning company that has set out to update the already very powerful and slightly insane Audi RS6. Difference between the madness here and the madness of the MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport is that this car seems to have a better way of hiding its power.

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Volkswagen Eos Exclusive

Volkswagen have just announced that a new trim level will be available for the Eos hardtop convertible in Europe. The new package is called Exclusive and it gives you just that as it’s solely purposed in making your Eos more different from the others.

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Audi Tuning

Photos and details about Audi R8 Spyder tuned by ABT

All of us know that the cherry from the Audi pie is Audi R8 but this time, we’re going to talk about the cherry from the cherry and to be more exactly, we’re going to talk about a very cool program for Audi R8 Spyder which was made by the tuners from ABT. This tuning

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When will start the sales for Fiat 500

Here we have some news about this Fiat 500 which I think that most people will not be so happy about this but not even sad because this car is not that type of cars that anyone would love namely those sport cars that can develop a lot of horsepower and reach high speeds.

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Spy photos with Ferrari 599 GTO

I must say that I’m very surprised to see this Ferrari 599 GTO spied because for me is like seeing a super star naked. As you see, it doesn’t really have a camouflage, it looks to have something white on it but it is curved so well that it is like it’s not there.

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