April 16, 2024

Nissan DeltaWing will take part in 2013 ALMS season

The DeltaWing race car, currently teamed up to the Japanese at Nissan got of to an interesting start in motorsport, managing to fight off giants for quite a while at Le Mans. Unfortunately, after a while though, the race ended in tears at the side of a track, hours before the end would be coming

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Panoz Abruzzi Spirit of Le Mans officially launched

You may remember that about a month ago I wrote something about a new release from Panoz and showed you a teaser. Well you can now forget teasers and such because the car has officially been launched today and I have to say, Le Mans week is getting off to a great start.

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Chevrolet Mazda

American Le Mans series announces green dream-team ambassadors

The press conference for the Long Beach Grand Prix (part of the American Le Mans Series) held this weekend has also hosted the presentation of the five gentlemen that will make up the ALMS Green Dream Team. The gents who will be acting as ambassadors for the green racing initiatives in ALMS are Paul Drayson,

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