June 24, 2024

Ford Fiesta ST to hit the US market

Chevrolet’s recent leaping ahead of the equation on hot hatches being sold in the United States doesn’t seem to have gone well with Ford. The 2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS may already have its pricing listed but Ford’s Fiesta still has a lot to tell the performance enthusiast that’s on a budget. Reports have started coming

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Mercedes CLC gets approved for production

A certain three pointed star company just announced the production approval for a new model called the Mercedes CLC and no, that’s not a missprint. The Germans are really planning to make a new car, call it the CLC and hope they get down to making some money off it. It seems like at a

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Chevrolet General Motors

Kentucky’s “Official State Sports Car” finally approved

It took a while but it finally happened, the Chevrolet Corvette has been legally christened as Official State Sports Car of the state of Kentucky. It may seem like something a bit over the top for the majority of readers but then again some sort of heritage is great no matter how you look at

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