July 16, 2024

McLaren MP4-12C becomes a Hamann art car

Now that’s an exciting McLaren MP4-12C. It’s hard to define such an idea but celebrated German tuner Hamann have managed it. They started by giving the rather serious MP4-12C enough spiced drinks for it to be completely blitzed. At this point, the first conversion takes place as the memoR pack is fitted. This gave the

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A very rare 1979 BMW M1 Art Car is going to be auctioned

To some, every BMW out there is very special but in this case there’s no fan boy message attached, we’re talking about a person with deep pockets who will soon have a chance at some rarefied Bavarian air. This rarefied air will be the one inside a unique 1979 BMW M1 Art Car. The vehicle

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Audi A1 Art Car auctioned for over Half a Million Dollars

You may remember the A1 Art Car Audi donated to Elton John’s charity ball for his AIDS foundation I wrote about here. Well it turns out that the organizer’s expectations as at the end of the night the check that would secure ownership of the very special Audi A1 creation was worth £350,000.

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McLaren Supercars

McLaren F1 GTR artcar heading for auction

The McLaren F1 is now 18 years old and yet still holds its own with various records but sometimes even a car as special and exclusive as this needs something to help it stand out. In the case of the car wearing chassis #5 things are taking the McLaren F1 to a whole new level.

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