May 27, 2024

Californian best seller – the Toyota Prius

It was quite a while back but the memory is pretty clear. Toyota, a car company riding the wave was bringing the Prius, a hybrid, out into the eyes of the world. The car was relatively small, had little power, nothing you could call performance, but managed some serious fuel economy figures. Just about everybody

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2013 Subaru XV – a best selling model?

It’s a nice car. Actually, the Subaru XV is better than that but somehow we weren’t expect it to be a miracle worker. Somewhere in the back of their head, Subaru were probably aware of this. Here we are, a couple of months down the line and the 2013 Subaru XV is hitting us with

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Ford becomes Europe’s top seller in March

The European division of Ford has just announced that, following a sales volume of 192.500 has taken the lead of sales on the old continent. Comparing to the same month 2009 the increase in sales is 16.1 percent and when speaking in quarterly terms Ford is Europe’s second best seller.

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