April 24, 2024

Jaguar LA runs ambitious publicity stunt

Jaguar is a British brand, so selling in the UK isn’t a problem, their cars are are reasonably good and helped along by the patriotism of the UK motorists. In the U.S. however, British brands don’t really have that powerful a brand image and a reasonably good car isn’t really enough to impress.

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Dodge radiator grille in for a change

Dodge, much like most of the other manufacturers that are based in America is going through several changes. The latest in the line of modifications from the Chrysler sub-brand is related to how the cars actually look.

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2011 facelift for the Jeep Compass

Chrysler, the one out of the Detroits’ Big Three that I like least has really rolled up its sleeves and set to work. Their labors latest fruit is a new face for the Jeep Compass. In readying itself for 2011 the Jeep Compass became more of a Grand Cherokee.

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Ford Lincoln

Lincoln is considering a new Continental

Lincoln is considering bringing back a trademark model for them, the huge saloon they appropriately called the Continental. The higher ups over in Dearborn aren’t so easily convinced, they reckon a compact model makes for better sales and would help the brand image a lot more than raising a leviathan from the dead.

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Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Chrysler recalls 40000 vehicles

Chrysler Group LLC isn’t having the best of luck overall and this is just another blow to the company image as a defect that is related to the ignition is making for a recall. The problem apparently is that the cars allow the removal of the key from the ignition before the car is shifted

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Land Rover

Land Rover may offer a front wheel drive car

You may remember the Land Rover LRX concept from a while back and how the September of 2009 brought news of a debut this year and a production availability scheduled for 2011. This set of news from Land Rover isn’t quite interesting as nothing really important is coming with that but there is a bit

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