April 20, 2024

500 Ford cop cars bought by city of Chicago

The City of Chicago isn’t going to let its policemen drive about in tired old Crown Victorias any more yet isn’t ready to let go of Ford altogether. This is why the Windy City has officially announced their plan to purchase some 500 Blue Oval cop cars. The purchase aims to get Chicago PD some

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Want to save Hummer? Go to Chicago

The title above is not a rip off or any sort of insult to Chicago, Hummer owners, fans and of course employees. What it actually is, is true, Chicago is going to host a “Save Hummer Motors in America” summit where everybody can show their support for the Hummer brand which, to be honest, needs

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Kia

Kia Ray Concept teaser photos

As you see what I wrote in the title, Kia shows us a little part of the Kia Ray Concept which is quite enough for me to imagine this car in reality. The photo that shows us the front side is not so relevant while the other photo is very surprising showing us the whole

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Concept Cars Kia

Teaser Image: Kia Ray Concept

Kia today revealed the first teaser of the Ray concept, expected to be unveiled in February, within the Chicago Auto Show. The concept announces a new era, the era of the hybrids model of Korean manufacturer range. Kia continues to work hard to give the public an ecologic alternative, that is a hybrid model, attractable

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Nissan will miss L.A. and Chicago in 2009

Unfortunately, Nissan will miss at least two auto shows in 2009, starting with the Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. The CEO of the company has stated that he will prefer save some cash at the moment and he thinks that skipping the two auto shows is a good decision. He also wanted us to

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