May 29, 2024
Auto Shows Chevrolet Concept Cars

2015 Shanghai Auto Show: Chevrolet FNR Concept Unveiled

The 2015 Shanghai Auto Show has already opened its gates and one by one, each automaker has brought its car fleet at the event. It is also the case of Chevrolet manufacturer, which has debuted in a world premiere with the weirdest car I have yet seen in my life: the FNR Concept. The Chevrolet

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Concept Cars

ETV for sale

Over the last few days, the internet was home to quite a murmur regarding a very weird looking car named ETV. This machine is handcrafted and the ETV name mostly stands for Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. It’s easy to why it would be called that. The man responsible for the ETV is Mike Vetter from Florida,

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Concept Cars Pagani

The Pagani Hei concept turns up

Here’s the deal, there’s been about a couple of weeks since Pagani finally took the wraps off their Zonda replacement, the hypercar they call the Huayra and that time has been well spent by some people. I’m not really one of those people, but Ardalan Farboud is. You see, where I mostly wasted time, Farboud

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giuseppe Merosi Design Study makes me… drool

Now, seriously, I’m a big sucker for Alfa Romeo. I love the Italian brand’s history, its willingness not to follow the herd and its image. To me, Alfa Romeos are the sort of things that makes me dream at night and hang posters during the day.

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Land Rover

Land Rover may offer a front wheel drive car

You may remember the Land Rover LRX concept from a while back and how the September of 2009 brought news of a debut this year and a production availability scheduled for 2011. This set of news from Land Rover isn’t quite interesting as nothing really important is coming with that but there is a bit

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VW electric cars and their batteries

As electricity has proven itself as the alternative to internal combustion engines and most major manufacturers have taken a leap towards this technology, most of it’s available applications imply batteries. Volkswagen, a company that is a bit behind in this field has announced that it will soon produce such a vehicle, most likely we’re talking

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Lotus Toyota

Lotus and Toyota show the benefits of lightness

Lotus just released a concept where the Norfolk performance company use the Toyota Venza as a base and start a project where the goal was to trim the fat, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions. Officially, they are trying to show off a project called “viable mass reduction strategy” and the base car will be transformed into

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Porsche 918 is getting closer to production

Porsche have just announced that they are getting close to reaching their target of 1000 potential customers for the 918 Spyder Concept. According to Porsche’s development chief, Wolfgang Duerheimer, at the moment they have 900 potential customers and if they manage the magic 1000 number Porsche will probably decide to put it into production.

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MG Zero Concept

Yet again, it’s the Beijing Motor Show that’s the event responsible for the announcement of this supermini concept car. MG, as we know, are owned by Chinese automotive manufacturer Nanjing so the launch being made here isn’t completely out of place.

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Citroen Metropolis in the metal

Citroen have been recently showcasing drawings and renderings that took big luxury sedans to a new level in terms of looks. The drawings and renderings in focus all featured one single name: The Metropolis.

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Ford confirms one liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost in Ford Start Concept

Ford has just launched the Start Concept car at the ongoing Beijing Motor Show and it features a very special innovation for Ford. Ford Motor Company has teamed the Start Concept launch with the confirmation of their 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine that it houses under it’s bonnet.

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2010 Honda LI NIAN Everus Concept

News from the 2010 Beijing Motor Show just keep trickling in and the latest are from Honda. Honda have just announced that they will have a new car ready for production by the end of 2011.

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Concept Cars Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept

You may remember the first info leaked by Mercedes on the CLS Estate a few weeks ago. Well now this car sees actual form as a concept and it’s called the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept.

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