May 22, 2024
General Motors Opel

Germany hasn’t decided on Opel’s aid

The German Government has yet to produce a final decision on the plan of helping Opel’s situation and this is creating quite a bit of tension as thousands of jobs at the GM unit remain attached to an uncertainty of the future. Opel has been loosing money for quite some time and is seeking Government

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Rumours of a full-size pickup from Hyundai

Hyundai is a Korean automaker that keeps surprising the American market with ever more products that fit the needs of the US. First there was the Genesis, then the Genesis Coupe and now there might be this pickup to deliver a massive blow in sales to America’s favorite form of transport.

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Controversy around safety rules for cars in the US

The American House of Representatives is proposing legislation that will beef up car safety regulations as a direct reaction to Toyota‘s recent recall issues. The bill forwarded is most likely to be attacked by foreign car makers as it urges manufacturers to supply technologies that cannot be quickly made available.

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