May 22, 2024

Mitsubishi will be cutting the price of the i-Miev

The economic climate may be recovering, slowly for most, rapidly for some but it’s effects haven’t worn off the population. In order to please the market which is getting an ever growing taste for electric vehicles but isn’t yet ready to let go of the price cuts, incentives and so on Mitsubishi have announced that

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Saab Spyker

Spyker to sell its supercars through Saab dealerships

Spyker Cars is enjoying the perks of owning SAAB and their dealer network as they have just announced that they will be using it to sell their own products as well. That might make for an interesting day out if you tell your wife you’re going to buy a sensible Swedish creation but you manage

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Chrysler reports profits

Chrysler Group LLC has just revealed its latest figures and the most interesting one available is the operating profit margin that reaches 143 million dollars. The other interesting figure they published refers to the positive cash flow and the total of 8.9 billion dollars they have available.

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SAAB will continue to offer OnStar service

SAAB Cars North America will continue to offer GM’s OnStar feature for its vehicles. GM ownership of SAAB may have ended but relationships between the two companies continue to thrive. As far as OnStar servicing is concerned it will start with the 2010 model cars and will be offered in the same format as GM’s

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