December 4, 2022

2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

Porsche is adding more value to its lineup models, now that the 2015 Macan Turbo is going to hit the market. Porsche CEO Matthias Muller believes that the Macan is the best car in its lineup, with no competitors ahead. When talking about having no competitors, perhaps Matthias refered to the Macan`s unit under the […]

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Land Rover

Land Rover considering a smaller Evoque model

Land Rover’s recent success in sales is going to be influencing their decision making even more than most of us expected. Their Defender and Discovery products were fairly successful but not very quick sellers. It was the Range Rover that changed this idea. Its luxurious interior and incredible package it provided launched Land Rover into […]

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BMW does up Spartanburg plant in prep for X4

The Bavarians have recently gotten some stick for the way they pay American workers compared to those from Germany but this bit of news is likely to change that. BMW has just announced that they plan to ship some serious investments over the Atlantic, particularly towards their Spartanburg plant. Their plant in Spartanburg California will […]

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Audi to unveil new crossover concept in Detroit

Don’t you just love it when some capable journalists can place their questions and words so carefully that they make major automotive companies leak info without knowing? This is just what happened when Bloomberg interviewed Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, who, most likely unintentionally, has slipped us a hint about the future. It’s the near future, […]

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Honda’s CR-V is scheduled to be replaced this fall

The Japanese at Honda don’t really make exciting cars any more, they do however manage to come up with reliable, pleasant ones though. Perhaps the most pleasant of them all is the good old Honda CR-V. And that’s the problem, the CR-V is now getting close to the same age as the average Honda driver.

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MINI Crossover

I can say that I would expect such a release from MINI but at the same time I can say that I’m not. I was expecting such a car because MINI made a lot of other prototypes like the collaboration with Rolls Royce but I was not expecting such a release because it sounds to […]

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