July 17, 2024

MINI Crossover

MINI Crossover

I can say that I would expect such a release from MINI but at the same time I can say that I’m not. I was expecting such a car because MINI made a lot of other prototypes like the collaboration with Rolls Royce but I was not expecting such a release because it sounds to be unreal and almost impossible to build.

Is pretty expected to look like the other MINI cars and it does which is a good thing because otherwise it won’t be a MINI anymore. This MINI Crossover looks also pretty “massive” but not so much because we know that MINI is building harmless cars.

If you are a MINI fan and also want to change your car or simply buy a new crossover and don’t know what to be the choice, now you have this new MINI Crossover which should be a great news for you.

MINI CrossoverMINI CrossoverMINI Crossover

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