May 27, 2024

Dacia ranks fourth in sales on the French market

The Romanian manufacturer managed to gather in March 6.8% of total sales in France. Dacia ranks fourth in sales behind Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. Dacia continues to surprise in Europe. While the Romanian market is in free fall, Dacia has searched and has found customers in markets that three or four years ago were considered

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Dacia Renault

Problems for Dacia Sandero LPG in France

Approximately 100 Dacia clients in France complained of a bad smell while running their Sandero LPG. Renault officials are investigating the problem and will provide a solution soon. A number of French customers have informed the people at Renault of a significantly gassmell inside of Dacia Sandero LPG during running on gas. People from Renault

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Dacia Videos

VIDEO: Dacia Duster off-road test

After Dacia Duster entered Guinness Book because of the low price, Dacia Duster shows in the videos below its off-roader capabilities. Dacia Duster has a length of 4.31 meters and 1.82 meters wide. According the manufacturer, Dacia Duster model is equipped with engines with low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. Diesel versions of Dacia

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