May 22, 2024

Ford’s Explorer made in a completely different way

As James May once said, the car has been with us for well over a hundred years and while in that time it has been evolving nicely, it’s hardly ever changed. Ford has been with us for the best part of that period and they’ve produced some of the most important and revolutionary cars out

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Volkswagen Eos Exclusive

Volkswagen have just announced that a new trim level will be available for the Eos hardtop convertible in Europe. The new package is called Exclusive and it gives you just that as it’s solely purposed in making your Eos more different from the others.

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Fiat 500 C Diesel is going to Japan

In recent developments Fiat’s diesel engines have brought major benefits to Chrysler. The 500 C Diesel edition however is a totally different story. The Diesel edition of the Fiat 500 C doesn’t refer to the engine under the bonnet but to an alliance between Fiat and Diesel, the Italian denim ware label.

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