June 24, 2024
Audi Supercars

Design student whips up an Audi Trimaran

So what if you own one of the greatest cars made by BMW or Lamborghini, you can always spend more on a yacht from the Bavarians or Italians. Recently, Lamborghini’s parent company, Audi, has had its path towards such a product cleared by a design student who came up with an Ingolstadt creation of the

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Electric Drive Smart ForTwo goes “on sale” next year

Smart came along quite some time ago promising to be at the edge of city usability of a car. Since lately people seem to think electric is the way to go the Mercedes sub-brand got with the program. What we have here is the second generation of that program, the 2012 Smart ForTwo ED (electric

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Audi A2 will be going electric

Audi has been hard at work trying to push forward the launch of the A1 as soon as possible so it can have a competitor to the BMW Megacity vehicle, which will go on sale in 2013 so to this respect they have pushed the launch of the A2 forward by two years. Since it

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