May 23, 2024

Ford Ranger production finally ends

The Blue Oval has finally killed off their small pickup, the Ford Ranger, by shutting down its production lifeline. Given the ever dropping sales and considering how most pickup truck buyers weren’t really interested in it, the Ford Ranger won’t be missed too much. We’re told that the final nail in the coffin of the

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Cadillac General Motors

General Motors will be ending Northstar V8 production this summer

The official stamp has gone on this much discussed, rumored and speculated issue of the fate of GM’s Northstar V8 engine. That stamp reads “terminated!”, well, not quite, but it’s almost there as when this summer is gone so will the engine.

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Chrysler Hyundai

Hyundai ends rumors of Ram based pickup

The recent rumor in circulation about Hyundai’s intentions on a full sized pickup based around the Dodge Ram have been put to sleep by the Korean company itself. In a recent announcement, the South Korean-based automaker firmly denied the story through an official statement made by the company’s U.S. division.

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