May 26, 2024

Toyota Prius C’s February sales make rivals weep

Toyota is obviously a leader in terms of hybrid solutions and they’re also one of the least restrained companies ever to put out a press release. They’ve just announced how many Prius C they’ve managed to sell in February and just giving us the figures is simply not going to be enough. The Japanese company

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Mitsubishi shows off U.S. spec i Miev in New York

Just like any other motor show around the world, the 2011 New York Auto Show isn’t only for big engined muscle cars or gas guzzling Jeeps. Quite the contrary, not only did we get cars of the people like the 2012 Kia Soul and cars for environmentalists like this treat from Mitsubishi, the i Miev.

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BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics gets the production green light

A recent report from my favorite place in the world “the Internet” the Bavarians have cooked up quite a bit of a surprise. The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept will go into production after all. Beside the tasty news of the BMW VED Concept being on its way to the dealership floor, the cheeky Germans

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Concept Cars

M-Org Chopper Concept is …organic?

While it may sound odd apparently this special chopper concept is actually organic as the designer claims that the frame, suspension and the steering is made from organic materials. The man behind this interesting looking M-org Concept chopper is Michael Smolyanov and how he describes the creation of this vehicle is pretty hard to understand.

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