April 18, 2024

2013 Audi SQ5 will be unveiled in Detroit

Audi’s high alert about the upcoming 2013 Detroit Motor Show must be getting watered down since they’re ready to tell us what they’re about to do. One of the highlights of their stand at the event will be none other than the sporty version of the 2013 Audi Q5, something they’ve dubbed the SQ5. Unlike

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Volkswagen Routan production cut until summer 2013

Volkswagen’s road towards becoming the most successful and largest car maker in the world seems to be going quite straight. While the current market conditions have lead to a few bumps and potholes as certain models were delayed from being launched by their luxury brands. At least the more affordable models are not affected by

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2013 Buick Verano Turbo fuel economy available

There’s a lot riding on Buick as a company and there’s quite a lot of interest in the way the 2013 Verano Turbo is going to shape up. As the final bits of interest with the sedan get sorted, there’s now a fuel economy sticker available for it. The EPA finally got round to testing

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Toyota Prius C’s February sales make rivals weep

Toyota is obviously a leader in terms of hybrid solutions and they’re also one of the least restrained companies ever to put out a press release. They’ve just announced how many Prius C they’ve managed to sell in February and just giving us the figures is simply not going to be enough. The Japanese company

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Maybach’s death reasoned in numbers

Some will pine after the uber-luxurious German brand, others will rejoice in it and most won’t even care about Maybach but there’s something sad about its death. Mercedes, or rather the higher ups at Daimler, are now trying to justify why killing Maybach was better than the other options available on the table. Justification is

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Kia’s first quarter is even more than excellent

For some time now we knew that the Koreans were doing pretty well financially but the latest of sales figures proof just how much we might be underestimating Kia. Hard figures suggest that Kia’s accountants drew the line at a total profit of $890 million for the first three months of 2011.

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Porsche sales keep growing

One would think that as an after thought of the financial crisis people would still be careful with their expenses and so on. But no, the entire automotive market is registering growth. Further more, Porsche is having an immense sales boost from last quarter.

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Kia’s third quarter results indicate profit

I, for one, have always known that the modern Korean cars sell, and sell well but it seems that some of the economy oriented newspapers think otherwise. Actually, either some people writing about money hate the cheap Korean products or have no clue about the situation as many have claimed that Kia is in serious

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Ford Nissan Toyota

May brings along a rise in Hybrid sales

May seems to have become hybrid awareness month as sales of these cars soared the past month and have been the best since last August. As always, leaders of the market have been the Toyota Prius and the Ford Fusion hybrid.

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Bugatti 16 C Galibier spotted out and about

Bugatti has never been a manufacturer lacking for compliments and their latest creation, the 16 C Galibier is pretty sticks to the company’s mantra. The fabled Bugatti 16 C Galibier stamped a very important day today, it was spotted lurking in the public wilds for the first time.

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars

So far Chevrolet Camaro sold mostly in black and with V8 engines

The first data on the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro’s sales have come in and apparently black is the most favored color among buyers. As to be predicted, the V8 engined version accounts for most of the sales.

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Spyker looking for funding for a compact SAAB

Yesterday Spyker cars made a very conforting announcement for SAAB fans. The loss-making Swedish brand bought from GM no more than two months ago now has it’s production back on track. Another interesting statement from the same announcement mentioned the supercar maker’s desire to create a compact SAAB.

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Audi BMW Mercedes

New sales figures report

The first quarter of 2010 is full of surprises, after Toyota having reported an increase in sales, a new one is coming from Germany. Audi outsold Mercedes for the first time ever. While this is a surprise, the fact that BMW are still number one isn’t.

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