April 17, 2024

Gumpert files for bankruptcy

The current economical climate does seem to have hit the automotive enthusiasts with above average income quite hard recently. Even though every company in the world seems to be making a highly luxurious product nowadays and every high end brand is getting increased sales, Gumpert isn’t so fortunate. The German high end performance car maker

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Model X forces Tesla to look for more money

Money talks… no matter how much of an electric revolutionary company you are, you need to have some. There’s no other company to prove this better than Tesla. They brought a totally new meaning to what electric can be in a car, be it sporty or luxurious or anything in between despite having quite a

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Is this the next Smart Roadster model?

Mercedes have had quite substantial success in a wide array of fields ranging from technology, comfort and reliability all the way to motor sport and supercars. Needless to say, they’ve had plenty of failures as well and one of their biggest is Smart.

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