April 12, 2024

Skoda Skyrockets in March, Top sales in First Quarter

Skoda Auto, the Czech carmaker and the Volkswagen`s subsidiary has delivered the highest sales in March, ending the first quarter on the top. The Skoda Company managed to sell 96,000 units in March, with a 14.6% rise, while the first quarter ends with a total of 247,200 units to be sold, which is an overall

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Kia’s first quarter is even more than excellent

For some time now we knew that the Koreans were doing pretty well financially but the latest of sales figures proof just how much we might be underestimating Kia. Hard figures suggest that Kia’s accountants drew the line at a total profit of $890 million for the first three months of 2011.

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Chevrolet General Motors

GM says Good Bye to Daewoo name

I remember how a few years back I started laughing at the idea of how GM were re-branding Daewoo products into Chevrolet ones. This didn’t seem to clash with the idea at General Motors and the Americans keep on hitting it home with the name change.

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Audi BMW Mercedes

New sales figures report

The first quarter of 2010 is full of surprises, after Toyota having reported an increase in sales, a new one is coming from Germany. Audi outsold Mercedes for the first time ever. While this is a surprise, the fact that BMW are still number one isn’t.

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The restructuring process at Chrysler is showing positive results

Well at least this is what Sergio Marchionne, Fiat SpA and Chrysler Group LLC CEO has to say about recent undergoing procedures to cut costs at Chrysler and to eventually turn it around. Marchionne also said that in terms of the market share numbers coming out of the U.S., it’s a slow, gradual process, a

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China Vehicles sales explode

China’s economic boom is continuing and may have altogether been fueled by crisis of the automotive industry everywhere else. While very few companies have managed to keep previous sales figures and even fewer have managed to increase it, last month, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers retail figures were off the charts. Car sales

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