June 17, 2024

China Vehicles sales explode

China and Cars

China’s economic boom is continuing and may have altogether been fueled by crisis of the automotive industry everywhere else. While very few companies have managed to keep previous sales figures and even fewer have managed to increase it, last month, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers retail figures were off the charts.

China and Cars
China and Cars

Car sales in China have increased in March by 56%, or to put that in figures, there were a total number of 1.734 million units sold in the People’s Republic. The first quarter of this year has brought Chinese dealers sales that totaled 4.6 million units.

The cars sold there aren’t exclusively Chinese as GM sales in China have recorded, over the first three months of 2010, an increase of 71% bringing the number up to 623,546 units and the same period has seen Ford Motor Company get a sale increase of 84% from its Chinese division bringing the total number to 153,362 units.

Analysts say that this isn’t over as China’s market is expected to rise an extra 25% this year, passing the 17 million cars sold. Seeing how this increase is a follow up to last year’s 45% over 2008 you have to ask yourself, how much longer will this continue?

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