May 24, 2024

2017 Boxster and Cayman Will Receive a Four-Cylinder Engine

After being officially caught on spy shots, the 2017 Boxster and Cayman have been announced to receive a four-cylinder engine under the hood. The go ahead has been also confirmed by Matthias Mueller, the Porsche CEO. Mueller declared that both sports cars will receive the four-cylinder engine somewhere in 2016, when the company will launch

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2012 Hyundai Veloster speeds towards delivery

The model year rush is really going over our heads and it seems like in a world where delays keep coming around, the Koreans are beating everybody to the punch. In this situation, the 2012 Hyundai Veloster, a car that’s relatively new since it just had a debut a few months ago in Detroit, is

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Jeep interested in bringing diesels to the U.S.

It seems like the Fiat connection at Chrysler is starting to show more and more, especially in what Jeep has just announced. The iconic American off-road company just let us know that within the company there’s a genuine interest in offering diesel engines in the U.S.

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2012 Kia Rio sedan will be seen in New York

Keeping fresh is one of the key selling points of any car lineup so the Koreans want to stay on top of their game which is why they refreshed the 2012 Kia Rio. We’ve already been told that the 2012 Kia Rio goes for a mix between style and fuel efficiency and we now find

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Opel Tuning

Irmscher Opel Astra i1600

Irmscher is a German tuning company that specializes in Opel products and their latest project focuses on the new Astra. The Irmscher Opel Astra i1600 differs from the original in the sense that it gets 200 horsepower and some cosmetic changes.

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Safety Car

This year’s SBK World Superbike Championship will have a double treat as not only will they be able to see their favorite two wheel drive beasts a full chat but also they’ll have a shot at seeing a great looking four wheel vehicle. I’m talking of course about the gorgeous new Alfa Romeo Giulietta which

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