April 15, 2024
Concept Cars

Geneva hosts the UPM Biofore concept

Born out of the partnership between UPM and students from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, the UPM Biofore concept manages to capture attention not just by the weird shape but also by its very build. It seems that every other concept where students are involved is a head turner, bringing a dash of “thinking

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Toyota FT-Bh concept unveiled in Geneva

Among the superstars and high performance models of the Geneva Motor Show a few peculiarities have managed to sneak through. One such example is the Toyota FT-Bh. Toyota’s FT-Bh is a concept meant to once again showoff just how much the Japanese cares about the environment and what they’re capable of doing for it. It

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster will be unveiled in Geneva

The British at Aston Martin have lavishly announced that they will be coming to next year’s Geneva Motor Show with a bit of a treat for V12 engine fans. Having pretty much hit the jackpot with their V12 Vantage, Aston Martin is readying a Roadster version of their most powerful small sports car. Knowing this,

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Audi’s A3 sedan shows off in Geneva

I’m a bit sympathetic for Audi, they are clearly trying to escape the realm of the boring business buyer’s market and yet they have to make cars that do awfully well in this segment. No matter the reason, the Ingolstadt based Germans are coming up with designs that struggle somewhere between the lines of interesting

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Jaguar Tuning

Jaguar XKR-S brings some lack of style to Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most dramatic and most important events of the automotive world of 2011. Despite that, Jaguar decided they can be a bit tacky in their stand. Even though I tend to like Jaaaags, this version of the Jaguar XKR the British plan to unveil in Geneva simply looks

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Lotus Evora sees Mansory before going to Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show may be far away, but its importance is so great that many manufacturers can’t afford to sustain from showing off their Swiss stand products before it. The British at Lotus are no exception and they’ve decided to show us a special version of their Evora. In its current form, the Evora

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Mini Clubman Hampton Edition rumored for Geneva

As it turns out, even though manufacturers are spinning millions they can’t always turn up to a very important motor show such as the one in Geneva with something completely new and interesting. Mini tend to have quite the interesting raft of cars and concept but this year they’re going to be turning up in

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Toyota teases a new concept for Geneva

Mind you, when I say new, I sometimes tend to exaggerate the sort of attribute that relates to age. While this is a new concept that’s being prepared for the Geneva Motor Show, it’s callled the Toyota FT-86 II.

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Mitsubishi teaser for Geneva: the Concept Global Small

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most important car shows globally. It’s not the place a manufacturer can afford not to turn up. In acknowledging the situation, the Japanese at Mitsubishi have already come up with a concept for this show and they’ve just released the first teaser photo.

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The 2011 Saab 9-5 Combi is coming to the Geneva Auto Show

Just few hours ago we talked about another auto show or to be more specific, we talked about some plans that VW has with its 2011 Passat for the Paris Auto Show which is quite a long time until then and so is with this auto show that we’re going to talk right now namely

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Electric Cars Maserati

Maserati will probably enter the green land

Maybe I should be impressed about this and if I would have heard this some years ago, I would be impressed but now it became something like a necessity to the auto makers to build at last one hybrid car to see how are the things moving and if it is good, they will probably

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Porsche Tuning

Photos and details about Porsche Panamera tuned by Mansory

Here we got a tuning kit to talk about for Porsche Panamera but I want to start saying that we don’t have many photos with it and those photos that we’ve got are virtual photos so at the moment, probably this car doesn’t exist in reality as that Rolls Royce that we’ve talked few days

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Concept Cars Electric Cars Kia

News About Kia Venga EV At Geneva

We have here the first complete electrical car from Kia named Venga EV, the Korean company take’s the advantage of this period and presents this Kia Venga EV at Geneva Auto Show 2010. If you look at the pictures and observe the details you don’t have to be a genius to realize that this is

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Volkswagen introduced the new Touareg at Geneva

The new Volkswagen Touareg debuted along with its hybrid version at the Geneva Motor Show. The model promises low fuel consumption and its hybrid version is an example of what will result in the Volkswagen’s range. The new generation Volkswagen Touareg debuted today at the Geneva Motor Show. The Germans sold 500,000 units of the

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Audi Electric Cars

Audi A1 E-Tron At Geneva Auto Show 2010

We have here a new hybrid car from Audi called A1 e-tron which comes with a new propulsion concept, the engine with internal combustion is not a TDI, also is not a TSI but it has a Wankel one. Audi in the past made popular logos like “Quattro” or “TDI’ and now they have a

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Unveiled photos and some details about the 2012 Ford Focus Wagon

I don’t think you really know this but BMW revealed at the Detroit Auto Show from January the next generation of Ford Focus but as you see, Ford doesn’t waste time and they already revealed some photos with the 2012 Ford Focus Wagon even if that car is going to be released at the Geneva

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Videos Volvo

Teaser videos with Volvo S60R

I don’t remember if I already told you this but I love the video teasers with any car comparing them to the photo teasers and not because these are revealing more of the car but because they are made in a very professional way and in a very short time you see something very cool.

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BMW CLR X650 M Lumma with details and photos

I think there is no man on the planet to say that BMW X6 M is ugly so think about a more cooler BMW X6 M namely the BMW CLR X650 M Lumma. The car is pure and simple awesome, talking about the design but there are also some engine upgrades. BMW X6 M was

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Electric Cars Ferrari

Leaked photos with Ferrari 599 Hybrid

Here we got some very cool leaked photos with Ferrari 599 Hybrid and some people are calling them spy photos but you can also consider them high res photos because there is no camouflage and the photos were taken at a really small distance from the care and they are revealing the full design of

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Photos and details about the 2010 Lanica Delta Serie Speciale

I must admit that if someone would stop me on the street and would ask me to say anything about this auto maker, I wouldn’t know to say anything but now we’re going to find out exactly what is this 2010 Lancia Delta Serie Speciale able to do. We know that this 2010 Lancia Delta

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