September 30, 2022

Nissan Rogue production to be moved to Korea

Nissan, like most Japanese car makers, have found themselves in an uncomfortable position as their country’s currency kept getting stronger and stronger. Solutions are obvious, but not always cheap. They would have to move production elsewhere but this is difficult to achieve when demand for crossovers like the Nissan Rogue is coming in thick and […]

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Hyundai debuts their Veloster Rally Car

The Global Rally Championship this past week included a special new debut, one which speaks of a racing car that comes from Korea. The car in question is the Hyundai Veloster, and its Korean origins aren’t relevant at this sport since the car was prepped by someone else.

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General Motors

GM opens design studio in South Korea

General Motors has announced today that they will be opening a new design studio in the capital city of the Republic of Korea, Seoul. The studio will be based just out of Seoul’s Gangnam area, which is considered to be the most stylish part of Korea’s capital, quite a fitting image for a designs studio […]

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