June 14, 2024
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Australia: This Is KTM`s New X-Bow GT with Impressive Sprint

KTM is the Austrian carmaker that built the famous X-Bow R, a hardcore sports car capable of fast acceleration, increased downforce and impressive aerodynamics. However, the maker has recently announced the arrival of a more potent variant in Australia. It is all about the X-Bow GT, much more expensive than the R`s price tag ($169,990)

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Wimmer RS tunes the KTM X-BOW GT

Wimmer RS released official details on their special tuning kit for the KTM X-BOW GT. The Austrian model gets a power boost from the stock 285 horsepower and 420Nm of torque to a total of 435 horses and 500Nm of torque. With such resources, the 2.0-liter petrol engine makes the 0-100 km/h sprint possible in

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Motorcycles Videos

KTM teases the 1290 Super Duke R

It is well known by now that KTM is prepping for a special release. I am referring to the 1290 Super Duke R which will be unveiled to the world in just under two weeks. Until then, all we get is the teaser photo and now, a teaser video. While the director of this short

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Lancia Other News

KTM X-Bow takes up on the Lancia Stratos

KTM changed the number of wheels on the vehicles they make by creating the X-Bow but they somehow managed to keep the fun associated within the product. That said though, apart from the pitiful luggage space, if there was something considerably missing from the KTM X-Bow it was the body shape and image of a

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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Geneva presence rendered

So what if Fiat took over Chrysler and in the “Crossfire” Alfa Romeo has been said to be in ever deeper trouble. We’ve even been told that the glorious Italian brand may end up being sold to to the Germans at Volkswagen, but that’s not true or the end of the story.

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Abarth Fiat Tuning

Abarth’s mid engine creation will be an in house job

Not so long ago, in fact sometime in the middle of summer, Fiat’s in house tuning company announced that they want to build their own sports car. The Fiat tuner decided they want to build an Abarth mid engine sports car because they reckon they can do it better than anybody else.

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