May 21, 2024
Luxury Cars Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce opens their largest dealership in the world in Abu Dhabi

As many managers will tell you, knowing your market is essential no matter what you’re trying to sell and it seems that the British at Rolls Royce are fully aware of this. For quite some time now, the big markets of the luxury or posh cars was to be seen in the Middle East, therefore

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50% of the MP4-12C buyers will be European

Well, at least that’s what McLaren is telling us about their expectations from their latest supecar, the MP4-12C’s clientele. The statement according to which 50% of the demand for the McLaren MP4-12C is going to come from Europe belongs to Antony Sheriff McLaren Automotive Managing Director.

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Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley considers luxury buyers are going to start spending again

The recession has brought plummeting sales figures to Bentley’s records over the last three years. Since Bentley is one of the most popular and most prestigious brands in the business they show nothing but optimism when talking about future sales prospects.

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Aston Martin

A buyer from the Middle East ordered 10 Aston Martin One-77 units

Despite reportedly being sold out last year we’re still unable to get hold of how many One-77 units have actually been sold so far and under the current situation we’ve just learned that a buyer from the Middle East has just placed an order for the One-77. What’s particularly curious about this order is that

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