June 15, 2024

Mercedes is still thinking about electrifying the S Class

From the outset, there’s plenty of people out there who don’t really like Mercedes as a brand, but as far as their engines are concerned pretty much everybody sees the positive side. After all, who couldn’t enjoy the engine in the Mercedes C63 AMG Performance, the new lineup for the E-Class or the fuel economy

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Facebook and Automotorblog fans unite!

We’re going to join forces, come together, see ourselves stronger as an entirety and take over the world. Not really, but we feel it’s quite important to see more of our readers go through the nice gesture of telling a friend. Happily since we now have the Internet at hand, we can simplify the effort

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Nissan is offering 500 test-drive invitations for the Leaf

Nissan isn’t giving their marketing and development team any break as they have just released a set of 500 invitations to a test drive of the Leaf in Japan. The Nissan Leaf will be the world’s first mass-production electric car and will be available for testing at the plant in Oppama, Japan as part of

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