April 23, 2024
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Facebook and Automotorblog fans unite!

Automotorblog Facebook

We’re going to join forces, come together, see ourselves stronger as an entirety and take over the world.

Automotorblog Facebook
Automotorblog Facebook

Not really, but we feel it’s quite important to see more of our readers go through the nice gesture of telling a friend. Happily since we now have the Internet at hand, we can simplify the effort by using Facebook.

The simple fact of turning your attention to our sidebar just on the right of the screen, and hitting that like button could help us a lot.

To be honest, marketing and Facebook popularity are useful, but they are not very productive in the obvious sense.

So why push Automotorblog and our Facebook page on to users?

Automotorblog Facebook page
Automotorblog Facebook page

It’s very simple, it helps us, the writers, get some appreciation for our efforts.

Knowing that someday somebody would turn up, check out the Facebook Automotorblog wall and see something worth reading makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Consider the number of readers, the visits and even the revenues of Automotorblog the fuel us writers need. In this situation, the Facebook fans and their activity would be a great oil for our engines.

Hopefully the anorak within you and us both will better come together and interact on the Facebook page and entire Automotorblog sphere of information. Be it new exciting motorsport efforts from Cadillac, stunning concept cars from the Italians at Alfa Romeo, doubtful new technologies from Ferrari or simply joyous showing off from Ford, it’s all here.

We don’t even forget the recall action scene. This we hope is enough for you to join.

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