May 28, 2024

Ford’s payroll situation is looking good

In shaking the aftermath of the giant bullet they dodged, Ford made an announcement which should at least please the company’s employees. The Blue Oval plans to make 2011 more friendly on the pockets of its employees by offering bonuses once more.

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General Motors

Congressmen say GM executives destroying documents

According to some reports from a couple of top Republicans GM executives have been destroying documents and other records which may shed light on corporate decisions that have spurred investigations into the company by a House oversight committee. These accusations are signed by U.S. Republican Darrell Issa, California, and U.S. Republican Jim Jordan, Ohio and

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Chrysler repays 1.9 billion to the U.S. Government

We all know that the news from Detroit’s Big Three don’t always come in to put a smile on everyone’s face and Chrysler is the one that has been seeing less of the good type lately. However, a recent announcement from the U.S. Government may be proof that the hope Sergio Marchionne has been talking

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