July 17, 2024
General Motors

Congressmen say GM executives destroying documents

GM CEO Ed Whitacre

According to some reports from a couple of top Republicans GM executives have been destroying documents and other records which may shed light on corporate decisions that have spurred investigations into the company by a House oversight committee.

GM CEO Ed Whitacre
GM CEO Ed Whitacre

These accusations are signed by U.S. Republican Darrell Issa, California, and U.S. Republican Jim Jordan, Ohio and have been enveloped in a letter destined to GM’s Ed Whitacre, a letter which also contained a request for the Detroit based company’s representatives to stop destroying documents linked to its commercial touting the repayment of $6.7 billion in federal loans.

The repayment of the federal loans have come under a lot of public scrutiny but more importantly, GM’s actions of destroying such documents is deeply disturbing to the Republicans in question as the documents being destroyed are relevant to the Committee’s oversight efforts.

The accusations met with a firm reply from GM spokesman who, in turn, say that GM’s document retention policies are lawful, and that the company will respond appropriately to the letter mentioned earlier. The advertisement in question, has been formally complained about by a conservative think tank, as Whitacre downplayed the fact that taxpayers are still on the hook for $43 billion in aid that was exchanged for a 61% stake in GM, despite the claims of GM paying back the loan in full.

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