May 19, 2024
BMW Featured

BMW 7 Series Convertible Rendering

The folks from BMWCOOP auto online magazine were kind enough to provide us with some valuable information concerning the arrival of the BMW 7 Series Convertible, and the rendering below might show us how the model would look like when it will arrive. The 2016 BMW 7-Series Convertible seen here is wearing a splendid body

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Ford Mondeo RS Rendered

Ford carmaker has already launched the top of the line RS version for Fiesta as well as for the Focus model, and perhaps you were wondering if the Mondeo would receive such a powerful version. Unfortunately, rumors have it that the North American carmaker does not intend to launch a Ford Mondeo RS variant, at

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Ferrari 488 FXX Rendered

The Ferrari 488 GTB is on a big pay-role these days, as the model has shown up on the web wearing different body styles, rendered by famous artists, like the 488 GTS or the Spider. Now, the model has been revealed in the so called 488 FXX version. The two renderings with the Ferrari 488

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Ford Muscle Cars

2015 Ford Mustang Hatchback Rendered

The 2015 Ford Mustang is popping up in our news again in some new renderings, this time the hot sports car being revealed wearing a hatchback body style. I might add that the model looks cool and odd at the same time, but only the famous designer Theophilus Chin could have imagined such a bold

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Mercedes-Benz SLK Coupe Rendered Online

Some recent renderings with the Mercedes-Benz SLK have recently popped out on the web, showcasing the model in a coupe body style. The renderings are signed by the famous designer Theophilus Chin. As seen in the two renderings below, the Mercedes-Benz SLK Coupe is showcased sporting a futuristic and revolutionary design, and if it came

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Cadillac CT6 Sedan Gets Rendered

The Cadillac CT6 sedan is ending up in our news again, with the model to be showcased in some renderings, announcing the future model in a cool and interesting body style. The Cadillac CT6 sedan is rumored to hit the market in a couple of years, with the renderings to show us a closer look

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2014 VW Jetta Alltrack rendered

In the world of car fans there are several categories. The most notable are those who buy, those who test, those who race and those who can’t wait. The latter will be thrilled to find out that somebody decided to invest a little bit of time into coming up with an imaginative (or maybe not

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2013 Porsche Cayman rendered

Since the Germans introduced the newest edition of the 2013 Porsche Boxster roadster, there’s now a lot of interest in its more hardcore relative with a fixed roof. The guys at Porsche are still holding their Cayman cards pretty close to their chest so the only chance we have right now at seeing one is

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Hyundai Tata

Tata Nano competitor from Hyundai

Tata Nano had a lot of success until this moment either that it is still not available to buy by customers but I heard a lot of people around me saying that they would buy such a car for a million of reasons excluding the one that it can not be used out of the

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Rendering design for the 2011 Porsche 991

As the title says, we got a rendering photo and as usual, in this time of a car namely before it would be released, we got few details and also few images or spy photos. This rendering photo is based on the spy photos that were taken until this moment but most of those car

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