April 17, 2024

Dodge Ram’s Runner Kit Shows Off

Dodge have a good thing going with the Ram, it’s a nice middle of the road solution for your average pickup truck buyer. When Ford didn’t have enough of stabbing at the Ram and launched the F-150 SVT Raptor, they made Dodge angry who responded by building the Runner Kit.

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Radical preps us for the SR3 SL

I couldn’t have spoken yesterday about the Ariel Atom without at least mentioning one of its biggest enemies; the Radical SR3. Speaking of which, the SR3 is due for an update which will be called the SR3 SL, an outright no nonsense speed machine.

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Audi A1 Art Car Donated to Elton John’s Charity Ball

The Elton John AIDS Foundation’s White Tie and Tiara charity ball planned for this year will be getting a hand at the fund raiser part thanks to Audi and British contemporary artist, Damien Hirst, who came through and are donating a special version of Audi’s A1 premium supermini. The Audi A1 art car will be

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Switzer R911S

Supercar tuner Switzer Performance has set up quite a surprise for all Porsche aficionados in the form of the R911S. Basically what they’re saying is this, why crawl on broken glass in order to be one of the lucky 500 to get a factory spec Porsche 911 GT2 RS when they can sell you a

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