May 20, 2024

Switzer R911S

Switzer R911S

Supercar tuner Switzer Performance has set up quite a surprise for all Porsche aficionados in the form of the R911S.

Switzer R911S
Switzer R911S

Basically what they’re saying is this, why crawl on broken glass in order to be one of the lucky 500 to get a factory spec Porsche 911 GT2 RS when they can sell you a hotted up GT2 that offers more for less of a price.

The story is simple and the question stands. The Switzer R911S is a “normal” Porsche GT2 (997) that offers up some modifications. Most important of these is to be found in the horsepower figure. What you now get is 911 horsepower (iconic figure isn’t it?).

To achieve this figure, Switzer took the well proven P800 GT2 package and turned all the way up past eleven. The car now uses racing fuel and a couple of immense intercoolers to keep the engine from melting when fit to an endurance regime.

That power needs to be properly put down to the road so beside the amazing engineering achievement the 911 GT2 chassis is, the R911S gets a special suspension package designed by JRZ Suspension Engineering.

Remember that question at the start of this article? I don’t know about you, but i would still pay the extra $46,000 asking price for a factory made 911 GT2 RS for the simple fact that with that, i’m buying heritage and tradition from one of the most iconic sports car companies in the world. Where as with the Switzer R911S, as astonishing as the figures may be, what you get is a great road legal car that probably won’t do more than 50 miles a year off the circuit.

Not the same thing is it?

Switzer R911S Switzer R911S Switzer R911S

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