April 18, 2024
Land Rover Videos

Handle Your Range Rover Sport Via a Smartphone, Video Shows How

Even if the autonomous driving technology is not something new these days, the folks from the Land Rover British based carmaker are currently trying to control their latest edition, the Range Rover Sport, via a smartphone. A video is also explaining the technology! Now this would be an extraordinary application that would come very handy

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Toyota Fun-Vii Concept to be unveiled in Tokyo

We may have gotten used to car makers churning out concept cars that look as close as possible to production versions but every now and then there’s fun to be had in an exception. In regard to the Tokyo Motor Show, that particularly weird looking concept will be the Toyota Fun-Vii, a car that’s inspired

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Subaru Outback – susceptible to Android hacking

Car theft is one of the big “businesses” we all fear from time to time but today we find that some of us get an extra reason to do so. Owners of the Subaru Outback aren’t going to be very happy to find out but as it happens, we’ve gotten some information on how hackers

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Tesla Roadster can now be charged wirelessly

Mind you, in the automotive business “now” is a relative term. Either way, at the 2011 CES technology trade show, the chaps from a company called Fulton Innovation had something pretty interesting to show us. They’ve developed a wireless charging method for the Tesla roadster and they’ve come to Las Vegas show with high hopes

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