May 22, 2024

Ram Long-Hauler Concept truck properly showcased

Technically, Ram is supposed to be the Chrysler Group’s trucking brand but I find that hard to digest when so far they were only doing pickups. With the Ram Long-Hauler Concept coming along, some hope started to come along, and as I can now see it as a their commercial division to the point where

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Chevy Volt “Unplugged” Tour ended

GM’s Chevrolet Volt awareness and test driving tour has come to an end. After cruising 4.124 miles and visiting 12 cities the Chevrolet Volt’s “Unplugged” tour has crossed the finish line.

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Audi shows off custom versions of the A1

Audi have got something special in store for their A1 supermini as they are preparing it for this year’s edition of the Wörthersee GTI Tour. The Wörthersee GTI Tour will take place in Reifnitz, Austria, on May 12 and that’s when we will see the revealing of the seven Audi A1 custom made.

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Fisker Karma will be touring North America

Fisker Automotive have announced today that they will begin a promotional tour of their plugin hybrid sedan that will take them to 42 cities in 26 states and three Canadian provinces over a period of two months. According to mister Fisker himself the tour is scheduled to leave the company’s headquarters in Irvine, California on

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