April 20, 2024

Chicago: Meet the Kia Track’ster Concept

Another of the Chicago Motor Show big attractions came from Kia and it is what they’ve been teasing us with for a while now. I’m talking of course, about the Track’ster Concept. Essentially, we’re looking at a Kia Soul with less seats, considerably more power, a manual gearbox and all wheel drive to put it

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2012 Lotus Exige S will be sold in the US – sort of

American buyers tend to be starved for lots of low production models for a variety of legal issues. Lotus is the sort of company that makes desirable products yet few of them slip through the net and over the Atlantic. The recently unveiled 2012 Lotus Exige S is one of the rare models that enthusiasts

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Radical preps us for the SR3 SL

I couldn’t have spoken yesterday about the Ariel Atom without at least mentioning one of its biggest enemies; the Radical SR3. Speaking of which, the SR3 is due for an update which will be called the SR3 SL, an outright no nonsense speed machine.

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