April 22, 2024
Audi Supercars Tuning

This Is Vorsteiner`s New Wide-Body Kit for Audi R8

Known for fine-tuning BMW products, famous aftermarket specialists from Vorsteiner tuning company have turned their attention towards the fitting of this exquisite Audi R8 with their latest wide-body kit. The result is what you see in the media gallery below. And if you think it takes a plethora of custom body parts to create such

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Audi Tuning

Audi RS6 Avant Wide Body Kit by Prior Design Is the Real Deal

Prior Design technicians are making a fine come-back with their latest wide body kit carried out on the Audi RS6 Avant, the model looking extremely aggressive and more powerful than the stock version. As we can depict from the photo gallery below, we are looking here at a high-performance RS6 Avant fully tweaked with new

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Porsche Tuning

How About a Wide Body Porsche Macan by Prior Design?

Prior Design aftermarket shop is well-known for its exquisite tuning programs carried out on the most exotic cars and SUVs. Their latest project involves a wide body treatment on this gorgeous Porsche Macan, which provides a fresh yet more aggressive look. We are dealing here with a custom aero kit, with most of its components

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Land Rover

Loder1899 creates Horus Range Rover Evoque

So, you think the Range Rover Evoque is a good looking vehicle? You think it’s even better than some sports cars? Well Loder1899 is here to change that. The German tuner has come up with a new special package for the British crossover. This new package makes it look like a Belgian dog’s breakfast. We’ll

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Project Kahn has a go at the Porsche Panamera

Infamous British tuner Project Kahn has dared to step out of its Range Rover comfort zone and tackle a different sort of car and even manufacturer altogether. The Brits have taken on what’s pretty much unanimously regarded as one of the least good looking vehicles on the market today, the Porsche Panamera. That German super

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Mercedes Tuning

FAB Design tunes up Mercedes E Class Convertible

FAB Design is a Swiss tuner that was not very inspired in selecting a name for itself but, happily, is more inspired when ti comes to actually tuning cars. Their latest creation is a special makeover of the Mercedes E Class Convertible which implies a considerable amount of modifications, not all of which are easily

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Hyundai Tuning

SEMA to host Hyundai Veloster that goes to 11

SEMA is a huge and important car show that goes on in America only it’s not really the playground of major manufacturers, instead it’s were tuners and customizers get to showoff. Recently however, we’ve been seing more of a presence from the manufacturers and it seems like this year that’s not about to change, especially

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Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG enhanced by Inden Design

From the outset I’d like to say it’s awfully difficult to find a proper name for the set of modifications Inden Design applied to the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG. Sure, there was a very interesting series of upgrades, but almost none of them feel like they are true aftermarket products.

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Bentley Luxury Cars Tuning

Amari Design truly improve the Bentley Continental GT

I tend to be annoyed when some tuning company sets up shop and in their enthusiasm end up ruining a perfectly good car. This doesn’t happen with Amari Design, a tuner that’s unheard of yet which came up with such an amazing kit for the Bentley Continental GT.

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Mercedes Tuning

Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG Widestar

The Mercedes SLS AMG has been around for a while and although it hasn’t yet been sold in massive numbers the tuning community are already working on it. The 2010 Essen Motor Show is just the place for a tuner to show off something like this in style.

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