July 13, 2024
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Teaser Video Shows Future Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Cruising the Streets

After Dodge carmaker released the first batch of teaser video and photos with the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon just a couple of days ago, the muscle car is popping up into the spotlights again in a new video and photo, while cruising the roads for some new tests.

The teaser video was revealed on moparmemes Instagram page, revealing the muscle car`s impressive exterior, with the main highlights on the bonnet scoop, which is way to bigger than the Hellcat`s, adding a two-tone exterior finish, more prominent front air dam, and wider wheel arches to fit the massive alloy wheels.

Once the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Demon would be officially unveiled at the 2017 New York Auto Show, this April, it will become the main competitor of the all-new Ford Mustang GT350 muscle car.

This means that it will be extremely powerful, with recent reports indicating the presence of a much more potent engine, with more than the Hellcat`s now 707 horsepower.

The muscle car`s extreme power will be also achieved thanks to the new mechanics and performance updates, all found on a new platform, which will make it around 300 kg more lightweight than the Dodge SRT Hellcat.

Other features also refer to upgraded suspension system, new steering and brakes, with some interior tweaks as well, including much sportier front seats, new trims and high-end materials and so on. Stay tuned for more details on the future Demon, meanwhile, enjoy the teaser video with the muscle car on the streets!

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