May 22, 2024
Videos Volvo

Teaser videos with Volvo S60R

I don’t remember if I already told you this but I love the video teasers with any car comparing them to the photo teasers and not because these are revealing more of the car but because they are made in a very professional way and in a very short time you see something very cool.

I have to say that this time we didn’t get only one teaser video, we got two of them. Of course, both are very similar, the single thing that makes the difference is the thing that the videos are starting with. One of those things can be seen in the main photo from this post which is also my favorite.

Here I got to say again that if these teaser videos made you very interested about this Volvo S60R, you will be able to see them at the Geneva Auto Show which is also the reason of the release of these teaser videos.

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