April 19, 2024
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An Extension of Your Senses: 5 Modern Pieces of Technology Designed to Prevent Car Accidents

New safety technology on vehicles is saving lives and preventing injuries, but many of these technologies aren’t yet set on all vehicles.

System capabilities of your car will vary from others because they are not all created the same. So, it’s important to pick a car with systems that you’re going to understand to avoid possible failures.

Below are some of the five best vehicle technologies that can help prevent you avoid a crash.

1. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

of these crash avoidance technologies. This technology does a very brilliant job of preventing your car from sliding out of control especially during wet seasons or even snow. But, how does it work? You’ll have to apply the brakes of your car momentarily to individual wheels or you can reduce the engine power.
ESC is the most ideal crash avoidance technologies compared to other safety technologies because it has always been on the lead. It never disappoints!

2. Automatic Emergency Breaking (AEB)

Collision avoidance systems prevent most of the crashes. Sometimes your AEB might fail to work but will still prevent a collision reducing the severity enough by cutting the number of injuries in half.

Forward collision warning will always guide you because it watches the road ahead. This is done with the help of cameras that will alert you in case of a detectable collision. But,how does the AEB do this? The AEB will warn you by flashing lights or raising alarms that tells you to take action thus reducing rear-end crashes. You can contact if you want help with your case.

AEB is an ideal standard equipment for luxury cars or optional feature for other cars.

3. Lane Departure Warning and Prevention

will alert you – with beeps or dashboard lights or even by vibrating the steering wheel – if the car is drifting out of its lane. Lane departure prevention will try to steer a vehicle back into its lane. That’s the better part of it. So, you don’t have to panic much trying to get your vehicle back to the lane because, lane departure warning got you covered.

The quality and capability of these systems varies wildly from car to car. Ensure you get a test-drive because others some will try to keep your vehicle in the middle of its lane, while others will tend to make your vehicle swerve from side to side in its lane.

These systems will only work when turned on so, don’t turn off your lane departure warning to help you avoid injuries.

4. Blind spot warning

Sometimes you may find yourself constantly surprised that there’s a car next to you when changing your lanes and you’re left shaken. You don’t have to worry because there’s a solution. You can use radars in your car which will greatly help you “see” the invisible cars that you can’t see in the mirrors. On the other hand, a monitoring system will alert you with a warning light in case of a vehicle sitting on your blind spot. Some systems will also vibrate the steering wheel to give you a pause to take a look.

5. Front/rear cross-traffic alert

These systems alert the driver when backing out of a parking space or crossing an intersection. Some systems only work when backing up, while others are specifically for intersections. Some will automatically brake, while others will only warn the driver to take action.

6. Bottom Line

The above safety technologies can never fail you. Ensure your safety and that of others by installing these devices.

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