April 13, 2024
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The Pagani Zonda becomes Absolute

Pagani Zonda Absolute

I guess the the Pagani Zonda is a killer machine even though it’s dying.

Pagani Zonda Absolute
Pagani Zonda Absolute

As I’m sure most of you know, by next year Pagani will be revealing the Zonda’s replacement and while most people would be tempted in trying to buy that, some like the current version more.

That’s the only way the Pagani Zonda Absolute makes sense. I mean, the Pagani Zonda is never the sort of car that’s supposed to make sense but the final special edition that the Absolute has become is totally out of this world.

Unlike previous commissioned Pagani Zondas we don’t have something very eye candy. The Pagani Zonda Absolute is a creation that represents how close you can get to the Pagani Zonda R while still being street legal.

The cosmetics for the Pagani Zonda Absolute feature most of the aerodynamic bits that come with the Zonda R and a simple Italian flag running along the nose and roof intake.

Apart from that it’s as basic as they come, no paint at all has been used excepting the very small flag. The Pagani Zonda Absolute showcases bare carbon fiber for the entire body, a black interior and black wheels.

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