April 14, 2024
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The US market wants more diesel cars

Ecotec Diesel Engine

Not too long ago, a diesel version of a certain model was a rare sight in the US. Diesel fuel was seen as the blood of the semi trucks, and not small cars.

But the trend seems to be changing, and the car makers are catching wind of that, as more diesel models arrive State-side every month.

Ecotec Diesel Engine
Ecotec Diesel Engine

Even a recent study shows an increased demand for the diesel burners. The news come thanks to a study that shows that of those that might buy a new car in the next two years, 31 percent are considering diesels. The reasons for these are varied, from better economy to more torque.

The answer most often given relates to the economy, and people become more aware of the low fuel consumption of diesel engine, that in recent years has really been taken to the extreme. Next in line is the fact that burning diesel is better for the environment. And while that might be true today, it was not long ago that I remember distinguishing a diesel car by the trail of smoke left behind.

The reasons to buy a diesel just go on, and indeed it is understandable why the US desires more vehicles to sport this type of engine, but a sporty driving sensation is not among the reasons.

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