April 20, 2024

Toyota Supra successor gets confirmed and rushed

Toyota FT-HS Concept

The GT86 must have given the Japanese at Toyota something of a sports car bug or at least a gush of nostalgia from the past.

After reviving the AE86 like this, they are now looking towards the Supra and MR2 sporty machines for a revival.

Toyota FT-HS Concept
Toyota FT-HS Concept

The MR2 is not the most interesting thing to the carmaker, but the Supra seems to be seriously interesting as they plan to bring out very soon.

If some major event doesn’t change their mind, the Japanese plan to roll out a new Toyota Supra in as little as five years.

Doesn’t really sound like a quick delivery but given the usual amount of development that goes into a brand new car that’s really not bad.

Toyota FT-HS Concept
Toyota FT-HS Concept

We do expect the newest generation of the Toyota Supra to be styled in such a way that it will mimic the look of the FT-HS Concept we saw back in 2007.

Unlike the original, some fuel saving credentials are likely to be introduced to the new car. Some even say that’s going to be most of the idea of the car.

Whereas a couple of years ago rumors were speaking of it teaming a twin-turbocharged engine to a hybrid assembly, the idea now seems to be all electric.

Toyota FT-HS Concept
Toyota FT-HS Concept

Some serious collaborations between Toyota and Tesla could see the American car maker’s technology power the next generation Supra.

With purists either gasping for air or hanging themselves right now, the Supra does make a bit more sense. Sports cars seem to be getting along fine with electricity.

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