TVR Artemis Concept

TVR Artemis Concept

A graduater from a design school, designed the TVR Artemis Concept and as you can see, he really did a great job for his first work as a design graduater. When he started to design this car, he realised that is taking shape of a feminine car so he continued and you can see now the result in these pictures.

This project was realised at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands. This is a hybrid sport car that burns hydrogen to turn it into electricity so when you go to a gas station you have to ask for hydrogen to fill your tank.

This concept looks amazing, my prefered colored model can be find in the main photo. Probably if the designer would have big sponsors he would make from TVR Artemis Concept a better machine. It would be great if an automaker would adopt this concept and to make a working TVR Artemis Concept.

TVR Artemis ConceptTVR Artemis ConceptTVR Artemis Concept

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