May 23, 2024
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UK might ban Google Glass

Google Glass

The internet is already full of news on the revolutionary Google glass gadget.

In essence, the Google glass is a tech device that will bring you pretty much everything that a smartphone will, and with the advantage of the glass form.

Google Glass
Google Glass

With the device not even released yet, UK is making strides towards banning they use when driving. The reasoning behind this action is sound, as any distraction can be potentially dangerous behind the wheel.

While we can all agree to this (unless we really wanted to use the glasses as some sort of dash cam), should you want to eliminate distraction while driving, pretty much any media device besides the radio should not be used by the driver. And this includes the satnav system.

Even if the system offers us a step by step audio instruction, we can’t really refrain from checking the screen from time to time… just to make sure we’re going the right way.

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