April 18, 2024

Uneviled photos and details – 2010 Kia Ray Concept

Now we can say that we are released because at last we can really see how is this 2010 Kia Ray Concept looking because few time ago we spoke about some teasers of this 2010 Kia Ray Concept so if you want to see more thoughts from me about this 2010 Kia Ray Concept, you can simply use the search box from this blog.

This 2010 Kia Ray Concept is using a 1.4 liter direct injected inline-four which is combined with a 78 kilowatt electric engine comparing with the 100 kilowatt electric engine from the last car but anyway, this means that this 2010 Kia Ray Concept is a hybrid concept.

You should know that if you consider that this 2010 Kia Ray Concept has a weak engine namely the 1.4 liter one, it can develop much horsepower than the 1.6 liter engine so it is much powerful than that one.

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