June 16, 2024

US: Mercedes-Benz S560e Hybrid to Arrive in 2 Years` Time

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show recently closing down its doors, was the perfect opportunity for famous carmakers to display their latest prototypes, concepts and new plug-in hybrids.

Such a company to unveil its latest hybrid model was Mercedes-Benz with the newest S560e, replacing the S550e.
Compared to the late S550e, the new 560e plug in-hybrid is state-of-the-art, coming with improved technologies in terms of performance. Recently, the model has been announced for the United States market in 2020.

In the United States, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S560e Hybrid will be joining the rest of the hybrid lineup, like the new C350e Sedan and C350e Estate, GLE550e, GLC350e, GLX350e Coupe and E350e Sedan.

Among the car`s most impressive features, the German carmaker has released some details concerning the new ECO Assist, which comprises a pre-entry climate control and apps that help the driver keep track on the route, driving recommendations and so on.

Another important improvement is the new 13.5 kWh lithium ion-battery, now smaller and perfectly fitting the car`s rear boot. This also means increase space for additional luggage in the back.

The car`s drivetrain is extremely smooth, thanks to the new electric motor and hybrid transmission, the latter one being based on the carmaker`s new 9G-Tronic Plus automatic. The new S560e also comes with “smooth, effortless acceleration” in hybrid mode, allowing an all-electric range of 40 km.

You can find out more details about the car`s new drivetrain in the media gallery below.

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