July 19, 2024
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Vilner tuned Chevrolet Camaro

Vilner Chevrolet Camaro

Remember the Bulgarian tuners that did a very interesting job on a SRT600 Cherokee?

Vilner Chevrolet Camaro
Vilner Chevrolet Camaro

Well, they’re at it again and this time the Bulgarians over at Vilner turned their attention to the Chevrolet Camaro with quite a bit of work hours attributed to the interior.

Unlike the previous job where the Jeep Cherokee was a Hennessey prepped powerful beast of an engine the Vilner tuned Chevrolet Camaro makes use of a V6 powerplant.

To be honest, I’m fairly confident that they can give the same treatment to a V8 powered version but given that lovely interior solution you will enjoy the car with a V6 as well.

This being a GM product of a couple of years ago, the stock interior of the Chevrolet Camaro is nearly rubbish so the updates were needed.

So here’s the shortlist of changes, all of the plastic, the cheap looking leather, the relatively poor fittings of the Camaro was taken out and replaced with some first grade materials.

Vilner filled the interior of the Chevrolet Camaro with stuff like nubuck, aged nappa and, of course, some chrome. All of these make for an amazing look and feel.

Add to that a new amazing stereo system done by Boston Acoustics and the extra attention paid to the fitting and the extra sound proofing of the cabin and you can see why I think that Vilner is doing a very good job.

Vilner Chevrolet Camaro
Vilner Chevrolet Camaro

And that’s a good job for any sort of tuning company not just a Bulgarian Startup.

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