April 24, 2024

Soleil’s Anadi is a special sort of Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet’s Corvette is a pretty impressive technical achievement but as far as the looks, quality and interior are concerned, it’s not exactly tip top. This is where an old tradition comes back to life, where various coachbuilders have their shot at improving the good old ‘Vette.

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Chevrolet Muscle Cars Tuning

Vilner tuned Chevrolet Camaro

Remember the Bulgarian tuners that did a very interesting job on a SRT600 Cherokee? Well, they’re at it again and this time the Bulgarians over at Vilner turned their attention to the Chevrolet Camaro with quite a bit of work hours attributed to the interior.

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A leaked photo of the upcoming Volkswagen Passat

The photo in question despite some quality issues is of mild importance to people in the market for what is otherwise a very popular, quality, four door sedan. Due to be released at this year’s Paris Motor Show the picture reveals what was most expected by the automotive press, the exterior design.

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Geely IG may cost less than Tata Nano

Chinese car maker Geely Automobile came to the Beijing Motor Show with a concept car entitled IG. Now they claim that the eventual production version of the IG is a contender for the title of world’s cheapest car.

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Porsche recalls Panamera

Recalls are not something you want to deal with but lately they seem to be an ever more popular notion in the automotive news. Recalls from Porsche however are different, they generally don’t happen, but this time, it is, and it’s happening with quite a bang.

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